The Definitive Guide To Hemp Products

The Definitive Guide To Hemp Products

There's a lot to know. The online marketplace, New Age Naturals is trying to break down these knowledge barriers by educating and informing about this massively beneficial substance. They only sell high-quality products at reasonable prices, so if you need a resource and top-notch hemp, head to their marketplace.
Here's everything you need to know about hemp oil (and how to get the best products).

What exactly is it?

This beneficial oil is derived from the hemp plant. It will not get you high.

Is there THC in this?

There can sometimes be trace amounts! Check the spectrum:
  • Full Spectrum - less than 0.3% THC
  • Broad Spectrum - less than 0.1% THC
  • Isolate - No THC
At such small percentages, even a full-spectrum product will not get you high. It's included for a well-rounded effect.


Hemp oil has been said to:
  • Ease discomfort and muscle aches
  • Supports feelings of calmness
  • Promotes a restful night 

How do I take it?

There are multiple ways:
  • Tinctures - This is the bottle with the dropper. Hemp is distilled down to oil for maximum absorption. You place a dropper's worth under your tongue, hold for 30 seconds, and swallow. This sublingual method is the most effective because it gets into your bloodstream faster than other methods.
  • Balms & Topicals - For common aches and pains, massage the topical or balm directly into the problem area to ease discomfort from muscle and joint aches.
  • Capsules - Ingest like you would any other pill. Because the capsule goes through your digestive tract, it can take slightly longer to take effect.
  • Other - There's hemp-infused protein powder, chapstick, gummies, bath soaks, hair growth formula, sports bras, toothpaste...lubricant…. everything you can think of.

What should I look for when buying?

Look at the spectrum, the MG amount, and always look for a made and grown in the US company. Hundreds or even thousands of companies are starting to get into the hemp business, and finding reputable brands with real contact info is the best way to differentiate the real deals from the scams, or the overvalued products.

How much do I take?

There's always a recommended serving on the package, but because everyone is different, it's best to start with a small amount and increase it until you find your desired effect.

What does it cost?

The average ranges from about $0.03 per MG to $0.25 per MG. What accounts for the range is supporting independent farms, using organic and sustainable practices, the method of plant extraction, the use of third-party testing, and the addition of other balanced ingredients, like ashwagandha to further promote calmness and relaxation or arnica for easing discomfort.
The higher MG per serving (the potency), the higher the price, in general.
If you're curious, New Age Naturals has the full rundown on each of their products - the method of ingestion the additional supportive ingredients, etc. Looking for a tincture to promote a restful night? A balm for easing the discomfort? A capsule to help you unwind?
They've got it all. Check out their marketplace for all your hemp needs (there's even a pain relief cream!).